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Retail businesses normally consider below reasons to make their decision at wholesale or drop-shipping with high profit but a low risk

What makes us different

Much more than 8 key points

1. Fast and on-time delivery ›

Powerful manufacturer, professional team, complete supply chain, making fast and on-time delivery, 3 days for sampling ,10 days on average for order 300 pcs.

2. Three warehouse locations ›

We’are located on both sides of the big pond to bring you closer to your customers,three warehouse to delivery products faster.

3. No minimums ›

We produce everything on demand with super fast delivery,so you can order as much as you need and you don’t have to keep large inventory

4. Custom design & branding options ›

We are helping you to design your own styles,prints,colors, you just need an idea or a concept; we produce and ship all under your brand with custom labels, pack-ins, and other branding options

5. Free sampling, no developing charge ›

For your marketing channel, such as: stores, on-line stores, wholesale, organization or club, Youtube fans, Instagram followers, just tell us what you like, no developing charge, FREE sampling.

6. Whole process handling & supporting ›

Professional team assist your design & branding, and handling & supporting on your shipping, clear customs, transport to destination, all process to make you free and comfortable

7. Low shipping rates ›

We partner with global carriers to bring you many affordable and reliable shipping options,to save all costs for you even cents.

8. Multiple payment method ›

We accept multiple payment methods, eg: Paypal, Credit card, Payonner, Wordfirst, Western union, Apple pay,T/T, L/C, or what else you prefer.

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